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Upper Riverview Trail System

Zack and I went riding and finally got to check out the newest trail in the Heber Valley area. The day before we serviced a bunch of riders who'd come to pre-ride the Wasatch Back 50 course. One lap is roughly 26 miles. It includes the Upper Riverview trail and the new trails completed this spring which complete a loop.

Leaving the Coyote Lane Trailhead you immediately start on singletrack with really well marked junctions. Keep heading up. The switchbacks continue also, numbering in roughly 35 up to the white rocks way up on the mountain side. After climbing for 10 or more minutes you'll come to a junction, "Upper Riverview" and go right. This direction is counter-clockwise and my favorite way to ride this. So, bring one the switchbacks.

Gaining the ridge you leave the switchbacks and continue mild climbing through scrub oak and really sweet technical rock sections, all ridable... Don't move the rocks if you can't make it. Becoming a better rider doesn't involve moving the challenge from the trail. Don't argue with me.

The ride is just getting good at this point and as you start to crest the northeastern section of hillside you'll likely smell and hear sheep, a sheep dog, and sometimes spot the ever elusive shepherd himself, on a horse made of crystal.

Descending this northern section is fun and flows like a dream. There are a couple switchbacks so be aware and of course there will be some sheep poo, so watch out for that. The next trail junction will be well marked and you'll spot the rock with the trail namesake and Danny Ellis's Eagle Project marker. Heading west at this point the trail continues to get better and better. Finally you'll be overlooking the Heber Valley again. Watch the youtube video. Hopefully that's helpful. Then come ride.

The elevation profile includes our section where we rode the road back to the Hwy 32 entrance to Upper Riverview. But have a look...