The Spec trail is my designation for a recently adapted mine grade. Rediscovered. Long time ago, there was a bunch of mining activity in the Park City area. There were prospecting roads all over the place, roads carved out of the mountain sides for every imagineable reason. Mail delivery came over Guardsman's Pass. At Flagstaff there's a bunch of mines and they almost all had their own road. The trail we took is known and used solely to get us where we wanted to go. From that trail a road picks up and dives back towards the skiable property of Deer Valley.

Skirting the borders of Deer Valley's property line, the path took us up an old road and down into a canyon's head. From there it's absolutely amazing. It's a steep trail. Not recommended for light bikes, xc rigs, or beginners.

Navigation is tricky so I wouldn't recommend going without a guide. There aren't many of us but we'd love to show you where to ride. There is one bail out point which leads you to a parking area. But that's not recommended because the rest of the ride is Awesome! The trail comes out under Highway 40 which means you're done with the trail. Take the highway back to town or wherever the car is parked.

The reason for the teaser is because you all know how trails like this go. We are going to keep it under wraps for a while.

Elevation Gain:486'
Elevation Loss:3,658'
Distance:7 miles