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Sovereign Trail, Moab, Utah

I woke about a mile from the Sovereign trailhead and looked out of the back of my truck to see something rare: Sunrise over a camper truck...

Sovereign isn't exactly new, but it is newer in relative terms. It is a built singletrack ride north of Moab, just outside Arches National Park. I first heard about it from a friend I was working with at White Pine Touring during the '04-'05 winter on a cross-country ski track. I didn't ride it until early 2010. But it is awesome. It's a technical ride with flow and rhythm, well, to me.. There are a bunch of resources on the internet to find this trail as I don't have GPS or mapping system yet. I hope to provide details about what I consider to be the best portion of this trail system.

My bike for this ride. This is the 2011 Marin CXR Team bike with Shimano Dyna-Sys SLX. I was actually demoing a bike from the Outerbike Event in Moab. While I would not recommend a hardtail on many trails in Moab, I will say that this bike rode well, absolutely positive pedal stroke and power transfer with virtually no frame-whip. I was climbing these technical ascents with ease for being as out of shape as I was!

Starting from where I start: I go north of Moab about 9 miles or so and look for the "Willow Springs" road, which I understand is actually a 4x4 route into Arches National Park. Follow this road to an obvious parking area. You'll find mountain bike tire tracks leading off into the desert and you'll follow, they go north from here.