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One of my new favorite ski movies is about the change in global climate and how that affects the snow and our beloved ski industry. We have to do something, and "Skiing is interesting, so it can make a difference." Check out the trailer:

All.I.Can. Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

This is super interesting. It doesn't take a scientist to see what's going on here. It is truly sad what we're doing to our planet and home.

There's a short article about this on the NRDC's OnEarth website.

Winter has been in a sad way for the last couple seasons in California and this is very sad news for us all. Winter is disappearing? The NYT article addresses the fact that the Sierra Nevadas are not getting the snow coverage they need to survive.. To top it NOAA reported the warmest December on record NOAA.Gov. Other sad news from Unofficial Networks reports two of Tahoe's resorts closing due to serious lack of snow and otherwise too warm of temperatures to produce their own.

Interesting... Carbon footprints...

Presented in October of 2012

This is an interesting summary of information presented at a forum about climate change with Minnesota as a model. The mapping and thermal imaging are extensive. It really is cool to see and it gave me a new appreciation for the scientific effort being put forth to determine what mankind has been up to as far as the world's climate is concerned.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio

With California being such a dry state, it relies on snowpack for more than 30% of its water. I think that the studies presented on this site, as they are on-going, can be valuable for helping us understand the implications of less snow. Water will always precipitate but snow offers a serious natural reservoir that we cannot duplicate.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency's website has some great stuff about climate change. I have it here as a continually growing (hopefully) resources that can help define some of the questions and findings about global warming that we all have. This link takes you directly to the subject of snow and ice. EPA: Snow and Ice

If you're ready for cryptic and apocolyptic, then check this out. Based on projections looking forward to about 2090. I think it's difficult to address the viability of making snow when it's too warm to do so, STUFF. I'm thinking of strange events as our generation fades and the next generation tells stories and watch movies of when we used to ski massive snow days, in a time that snow would fall by the foot and turns were made like waves in the oceans. But more cryptic is what scientist James Lovelock has to say in an article's Decca Aitkenhead published. Read it and think. I'm not sure but for now every ski day counts. Every ski day for every season that I miss is a day I can't make up on the snow, especially if this guy is right.

More interesting articles on the subject that I will comment on later:

The IPCC Explains Decreases in Snow and Ice  Henry Krumb School of Mines

Here is a really good one, just in case you think no one important is talking about this: The State of Climate Science


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