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Looking for trails in Snake Creek Canyon, Wasatch Mountain State Park

I set out one morning for whatever I could find. I found myself walking a lot.. The Snake Creek area is the last "undeveloped canyon" in the Wasatch Mountains and is on the backside of Brighton Ski Area's Sunset Lift. It's a steep canyon with a history of mining, apparently some of the oldest mines in the area. Park City mining district sits on the northern brim of this area. Needless to say, what I ended up trying to ride my bike on were old mine roads, steep and obnoxious. To make it worse, motorcycles and atv's are used in the area and the track is all torn up. Loose rocks and deep dust levels make near impossible to ride. So I hiked and pushed the bike.

As I would get to a reasonable grade where I could manage to pedal without the tires slipping all over the place I would come across old mining scraps, part of the history of the area. I've never explored this area but wish I still had my truck. But I had my bike. Looking back, all a bike is good for in this place is a quick getaway. But since I don't like hiking downhill this worked out.

At the top of my monstrous climb, as it was, I pushed the bike up some of the steepest roads I've ever seen, even in mining country. The GPS registered only on the descent at 66% grade. Also at the top I sat on a small saddle at about 9500 feet or so, over looking Brighton and Solitude in one direction, then the Heber Valley on the other. It was a viciously thin mountain. If you fell on either side of this ridge you really wouldn't stop tumbling forever.

This isn't really a place to take a bike. I had a xc race bike. Descending out of there was one of the more sketchy descents I've ever made. My brakes got hotter than ever before, I had the saddle dropped somewhat, suspension was completely open. I wouldn't do that again. If I had to I'd only take a downhill bike up. But the hike is so steep that a DH bike would probably prevent you from gaining the saddle with those steeper pitches.

This was an exploratory ride/hike. Not recommended as a ride.