Instruction & Consulting

If you haven't already noticed, the internet is where most of your bike purchases are being made. From within the industry it appears to be a troublesome query for local bike shops. The reality of it is, the situation isn't going to change and more and more of you are going to be shopping more often on the internet for simple things like chains and spare tubes. The trouble is you don't always know what you're getting into and sometimes easily buy 3 or 4 similar items because you don't exactly know the spec of your bike. If you need a personal tech guy, we should chat. Obviously I'm not giving away my knowledge but you get to avoid that awkward feeling of going into a local shop to look at something, using up their time, and then leaving knowing full well that they know you're the internet shopper they hate the most.

Another service I can offer is technical training. You don't know how to work on a bike. I've worked with kids who work on bikes all day and they don't know how to work on bikes (scary, huh?). So why not have some training with me in a group of your riding buddies or a one-on-one setting?

And lastly, you need help on the trail understanding real time shifting, braking, and fixes? Or maybe your technique needs a helping hand? I can help you whether riding mountain or road bikes.