Rockwell Relay: Contending for Podium

Most cyclists, whether competitive or not are nearly always competitive and there's the opportunity to prove oneself or prove the combined prowess of a particular team of people. Now, I know I'm not the fastest or the strongest or the lightest, but I'm definitely not an average cyclist. While not competitive as a racer anymore, and in the new world of long endurance of roadyism, I like to have fun and see what can be done. Last year in 2013 our team accidentally ended up on the podium at the Rockwell Relay. We accidentally took 3rd in the competitive coed category.

This year we weren't going to go back but through a variety of circumstances a couple of people changed their minds about it and one person came around that was going to be in a different group. That group didn't come together. So, we have a really quick group this year compared to last because we're better prepared for the event in many ways. We're hopeful to get out and do our best. Maybe this year we take first.

I'm inviting you to join me in the story as it develops. I'm going to try to get this stuff out as it happens and keep you up on the race details. The posts will initially be on Facebook and Instagram. But all the details will fill the next four pages. Hopefully they'll fill you with a sense of the formidable task that this race is.

The season started early for me and essentially put a quiet end to my epic ski season. Late February I started on the rollers in the basement watching Japanese subtitled samurai movies. It kept me focused on one point and got me through the 500 some miles that I rolled out in the darkness of my winter cave. When I started riding outside I'd found new strength and came out ready to ride stronger than in previous seasons when I've skied to the bitter end. It's kinda fun.

Starting at a lighter weight was substantial as well. Obviously if you have less weight to carry the climbing is better for you. I was 13 pounds lighter on the season than normal. I was outclimbing myself with my old Bianchi steel rig. It's a great bike to train on. When my race bike came together I felt unstoppable. Now, feeling stronger and healthier than I have in over a year, I'm still apprehensive about the very first leg of this event. It's my responsibility. I want to do well for my excellent team.

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The Story Conitues...
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