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Dutch Hollow

Riding in Wasatch County is still somewhat limited and frontier like. Some established trails exist and thanks to the new formed Wasatch Trails Alliance more trails are anticipated. One established trail system in called Dutch Hollow, based around the old Dutch Canyon mine road. As many of the local trails in Park City are all on mine land and pass several historical structures, it's expected that you'd see some of that over here.

Dutch Canyon was an area where mining extended to for some minerals and metals, but mostly what remains is the Park-Heber tunnel which served as a drain tunnel. The water that flows down the canyon comes from that tunnel. It is indicative of waterflow for the surrounding area. This season, 2012, there is no water flowing from that tunnel, at its severly low elevation, this spells bad news for water in Park City.

Any how, that's the history you can find there. The trails started years ago here as bike shops started to come to Heber. They were much ahead of their time but built well. We have fun on them everyday and don't look back. This picture shows that there is an awesome network of trails. We have heard plans of expanding, but who knows what will happen. This system lies on State Park land so crossing into other borders can be tricky.

The system offers a good variety of trails, from easy singletrack to rocky, techy climbs. There are tight and twisty turns winding through tall scruboaks and burmy descents through a gully. Stop in at the local bike shop Slim & Knobby's for more information. You can also pick up a brochure map at the trailhead kiosk.