Often I see bikes piled into the back of a truck, stacked upon the next bike. The wonder and amazement that follows with expressions of "My bike doesn't shift right again!" are the general expectations from my perspective. The mechanic that performed the previous tune job is then blamed and a followup visit scheduled. Please, don't be an idiot with your bike.

Use care in transportation of your bike because it is a sensitive machine that is prone to damage if neglected. It takes one topple or hit to bend the rear derailleur mount (der hanger) consequently sending the derailleur into your wheel the next time you shift into your climbing gear.

Transportation goes along with storage. Hanging a bike by the saddle or one of the wheels isn't a bad thing. But put it out of harms way. As for standard maintenance, have your local bike shop take care of the major things. They are a great resource and you should be able to trust them with your bike. My goal is to help you familiarize yourself with the way your bike should work so you can speak about it in an educated manner when you need to approach your mechanic with a concern.

Here's a link to a note I wrote in response to a friend's request about getting a used bike fro triathlons: TT Note