Canyons Bike Park

9:46 AM 8/7/2011

This will be an ongoing story. Today is the first I'll be able to check out the new bike park that Canyons Ski Area is starting. I keep hearing really cool things about it. From what I've heard though there might be anything from 1 to 4 trails up there. Someone has already posted a quick video on

I'll get more written when I have more information and after I have a chance to make some turns up there with the camera. May just be iPhone shots. For now there is only this official information.

Arriving on the scene at Canyons, Brenda had the passes and Mike was coming up too. We got connected and rode the gondola up to the upper mountain where you'll find the Red Pine Lodge, place for food, beer, but no bike services. You break it, you go home... or at least all the way down. When you pick up your passes at Canyon Mountain Sports, at the base near the gondola, they give you a map of the area: Useless for our purposes, courteous nonetheless.

Next lift, High Meadow. The lift is bunny hill access in the winter but for what we're doing, it gave us access to the sweetest slopestyle riding around! The trail takes off between 2 pines, there's a bench there with a cooler of water. And then you drop in.

The first turn is a tiny bit loose moving left through the trees to a little booter to the right handed, well-shaped burm. It sends you on a quick moving track to a road? where you'll get a little right hand burm to a right side wall air and you come off it angling for a wooden step down, tiny little thing. You'll cruise across a road. There's a stop sign there, but make sure you look. No one seemed to be stopping. This sets in to progressively larger burms to larger tables, and ever larger tables. The last burm is huge and right turning. It sets you up with a lot of speed for a table that isn't quite long enough, scrub some speed with a little whip. And now you're pinnin' it for the step down. The lip on the left is 2 feet smaller or so. You'll need extra speed, so pedal. (the top photo is of the smaller stepdown, others are from the training park)

You'll land nice and smooth if you set yourself up well. Otherwise you'll end up with nasty sounding case on the rear wheel. You'll be moving at a good clip and you'll look up to see a huge booter table. It's pretty lofty so boost and relax. You'll be in the air for a couple moments. Land nice and you're into another big table. All of sudden it's all over. And you're back at the bottom of High Meadow.

Ride descriptions aside, this is a sick first track for Canyons. We look forward to more trail like it. For now, it rides so well, so buff and so dialed, it's the most fun place to ride slopestyle track around. The air I had today was bigger than anything I was permitted to ride at Winter Park. But, there was a lot there I didn't get to spend a lot of time on.

So Canyons is big air, big burms, $15 for the time being. Go there, Get some.

Update: This season (2012) the lift price for riding went up to $28