Blue Diamond, Nevada

Blue Diamond is that haven of trail systems that you only dream about. In the middle of winter when all the trails at home are covered by 9 feet of snow and daily skied across, you long for a ride and Las Vegas answers the innate call for a winter ride. Blue Diamond is desert country and is a place that is shrouded by near mythical history which doesn't exclude Spanish prospectors. has a brief history of more modern times of this area.

Parking in town is a careful thing. In fact, don't park in town. There is a parking area west of town that is accessed by going back to the highway and taking a right (west). This parking area helps respect the local residents of the small town.

Once on the trails you're bound to rocky, desert hardpack, something refreshing compared to a lot of the loose desert soil that is so easily found in places like Moab and Vernal. The network is expansive and includes mellow trails to challenging trails. Our group, however, was headed out for all of it as we were chasing a guy named Johnny Tomac.

The track includes some fantastic singletrack and a few awesome descents. I'm a little late in updating all this so I've kind of found that I've forgotten the names of them.