The Rockwell Relay is a truly epic event running from Moab to St George across Utah The allure of the Crusher in the Tushars finally got me The Whole Enchilada is one of my favorite rides, all time Benny Creek made my list last season, it's awesome The Wedge Overlook or Goodwater Rim is a great trail, when you need isolation, this is it


I've decided that there's already too many coaches for the high performing athletes out there on both road bikes and mountain bikes. I'm offering classes for beginners. I will cover things like nutrition, trail and road riding, ettiquette, shifting, trail fixes, and other things that you're not learning. Click here

Technical Clinics

Another aspect about bikes that is necessary is maintenance. You ride your bike, that's how you love it. But taking care of your bike is more than just riding it hard and putting it away dirty. Cleaning and servicing your bike is something you can do, and if you're into buying some tools you can do even more to prevent costly visits to the bike shop. Click here to learn more about service clinics.

Personal Clinics

So you want to have one on one coaching or a tech clinic? Need an extremely experienced tech to bounce tech questions off? Trying to make purchases online and need help making the correct choice? I offer services for that as well. Check out my consulting page.